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Restaurant Groups

PowerCard was an early developer of rewards programs for restaurant groups, starting with a group of restaurants called the Kansas City Originals. At the time, they were a small group of 25 restaurants that wanted to share points and customers. Today, now 60+ restaurants strong, we've helped them grow their group and along the way have learned what it takes to service multiple brands, multiple owners, and multiple point-of-sale systems, all under the same roof.

This same platform now supports over 250 "Original" restaurants, giving them the ability to market separate restaurants under a single group brand, while still retaining all the marketing tools and services needed for the various brands. Each restaurant receives their own login with access rights to market their own restaurant, while the group marketing is managed with a different set of permissions.

With this experience we've also learned to manage different ownership groups, different point-of-sale systems, and different accounting processes - which all work seamlessly together for a single user experience.