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Club Membership Cards

Turn your restaurant in to a dinner club! We've created a paid-membership program where customers pay a monthly fee to be VIP members at your restaurant. In return for this monthly fee, you can offer these customers bonus points with each visit, special invitations to wine tastings and dining events, even offer table-side chef visits, complimentary desserts, and VIP seating.

We provide you with a tablet application that your servers present to your targeted guests. The guest enrolls for the program through the tablet and their account is created. A confirmation email is sent to the customer to verify their identity and collect their credit card information. Once submitted, their credit card is charged each month until the customer cancels the membership.

This can be setup to also provide the customer with a monthly spend amount placed on their VIP Membership account. For example, for $45 per month, you might add $60 in dining value at your restaurant that expires each month, creating a great connection between diners and your restaurant.

It's just another way we can help your customers move up the loyalty scale.